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30 de novembro de 2010

Duck Tales

People here in Hong Kong (or maybe the whole Asia as well) eat a lot of duck. Just like in Brazil, there is the good old steak-chicken-linguiça (which is kind of a sausage, but waaaay better), here they have ducks! In Brazil the closer I got to a ready-to-eat duck was at my relatives house, in the South of Brazil, where they still keep some german traditions.

Anyway, like I said in my previous post, here is quite normal to walk on the street and see these small restaurants with a duck hanging on the window, with the head and everything, looking at you... I was grossed out at first, but now I got used to it, though they don't taste that good.

Another habit that, in my opinion, ruins the landscape of most Hong Kong neighborhoods are the clothes hanging outside of the houses and apartments. So you see these really nice and fancy buildings with the clothes hanging outside the window: pants, shirts, underwear... I'm sure they get dirty all over again with the air pollution we have here, hahaha!

And, when you combine these two thing together, you get.......... that's right: ducks hanging outside people's windows!!! When I saw this bizarre image this morning I was sure I was still sleeping. But no, it is still there!
I will take a photo tomorrow and post it here, I promise! Just wait!

[ Update: Yes, I took the photo! But I don´t know where is my camera... I have been looking for it for some weeks now =/ ]


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