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14 de fevereiro de 2013

Introducing Mr. Chung

He is Hong Konger, British and Canadian by passport and Costa Rican by heart!

After writing here for such a long time, and considering that today they celebrate valentine's day here in HK,  I could no longer leave out one of the main characters of my Hong Kong life: I introduce you to my boyfriend, Martin!

Hola! - Did I mention that he is also a wannabe Argentinian

It seems very bizarre that on the other side of the world I would find someone so similar to me: passionate in travelling and seeing new cultures, and that just like me had a brief but life changing experience in Latin America! Yup, I found the perfect "latin" flavor on a Chinese guy! With both of us speaking Spanish, enjoying the rhythms of salsa and the beats of reggaeton, sparks were flying in no time! :p

And for the past 2 years I've had my personal Cantonese and Chinese translator, hahaha! And I also had the chance to see Hong Kong in a completely different point of view, much more authentic and fun. Even being a very foreign friendly city, you have access to much more things in Hong Kong if you can speak and read the local language.

Apart from being with me in almost all the places I've visted in Asia (and my latest trip to Brazil), since last October we have been living together in our lovely mansion of 40sq. meters. And every day I am happier about making this decision. :)

Well, I try not to share many personal details here on the blog, but just wanted to use this special occasion for a small tribute to my namoradinho (using his own words). Happy valentine's day everyone! <3 p="">

I chose this photo because of the awesome background! :)


3 comentários:

  1. Congratulations!! Living with your couple is an amazing experience! I wish you the best and I agree that having a local boyfriend/girlfriend makes Hong Kong a very different place, especially the translator part :D

  2. God Bless you two, it's all I can say. I love you both... Momy.

  3. Parabéns, o amor é uma força de transformação
    mais forte e bonita de um ser humano.

    alex chan - sp


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